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Simple, affordable and effective driving tuition in Jersey.Your journey to the road starts here.

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No matter what your experience, confidence, or age, we will make a driver of you.

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Your journey to the road begins here (exciting times!)

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Your journeyWhat to expect...

Photo of Blair Hickman's Vauxhall Viva Above: Blair Hickman's Vauxhall Viva

We know you're ready to learn to drive, and we have some good news...

You've already completed the first step, just by being here and looking for a driving instructor.

For each and every subsequent step on your route to getting your driving license, we promise you our support.

We take huge pride in each and every one of our students, never more so than that 'big' day you pass!

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. What can you expect?

Photo of Piers Hickman's Vauxhall Viva Above: Piers Hickman's Vauxhall Viva

From the moment you strap yourself into one of our cars, you’ll be in the driving seat.

We’ll take you out on the road from day one, building your confidence and familiarising you with the car and basic principles of driving.

As your skills advance, we’ll head out on driving routes used in the practical driving test. In fact, we’ll cover them all over the course of your lessons, giving the best possible preparation for the test.

We’re with you every step of the way!

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Instructor ProfilesA little about us

A1 School of Motoring is the oldest established driving school in Jersey.

By choosing us, you’ll join thousands of islanders who successfully learned 'the Hickman way'.

Driving instructor Blair Hickman profile photo

Blair Hickman

A friendly man with a great sense of humour, Blair has successfully taught thousands of students over the 44 years since taking ownership of A1.

In this time, he has perfected what has affectionately come to be known as ‘the Hickman way’.

Blair places great emphasis on being kind and considerate to everyone, helping guide and encourage his students towards the important ‘finish line’ of the driving test. As a result, generations of Jersey families have benefited.

Building on unparalleled experience in the island, Blair both relishes and cherishes the exciting challenge of helping the next generation of students join the road.

Driving instructor Piers Hickman profile photo

Piers Hickman

Unavailable at present

If you are new to driving, Piers’ relaxed and easy going demeanour is the perfect introduction, and will immediately put you at ease.

Joining his father Blair in the family business, Piers embodies everything that has brought success to our students over the years.

Piers ensures all students are treated with care and respect, nurturing their confidence and burgeoning road skills to get results.

Piers’ expert knowledge and local knowhow is invaluable to inexperienced drivers, both on the road and with expansive insight into the practicalities involved in passing the driving test.

Meet our driving instructors

As well as Blair and Piers, our team includes an expanding group of dedicated, experienced and friendly instructors.

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